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Glacial Gold Sample Pack

Glacial Gold Sample Pack


Sub-Zero Closed Loop Extraction

All of Glacial Gold’s ingredients from plant matter to solvents are frozen to ensure full cannabinoid and terpene extraction while leaving behind undesirable lipids and other elements that compromise quality.

Closed Loop System

Glacial Gold’s extraction process uses state of the art, professional grade equipment, ensuring the purity and safety of their product by holding the solvents and plant matter in what is known as a closed loop extraction system. No Pyrex or hot plates were used in the production of Glacial Gold.

5x Ultra Refined Solvents

Glacial Gold starts with the highest food-grade solvents available on the market and distill them 5 times further. This process removes all impurities ensuring clean concentrates ready for consumption.

100 Hour Purge

To avoid the problem of consuming concentrates processed by solvents, they vacuum purge, using industrial ovens, for a minimum of 100 hours to maximize solvent evaporation. This purge is done at a low temperature to prevent changes in cannabinoid chemistry. Purity is paramount!

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